12 Visible Signs He Might Never Commit to You

commitmentTwo years ago, I had a friend of mine who was engaged to a beautiful young lady for a whopping five years, but the time was never ideal for marriage. Then one day he was riding down the street and bumped into an old friend, who introduced him to another vibrant lady. Within seven months, he married the new woman.


When passion and love enter a relationship, there is that sudden surge of intimacy and heightened emotion that may or may not lead to commitment. In my friend’s case, he had committed to an engagement, but not marriage. Nevertheless, when he was overpowered by love and was ready emotionally, he finally decided to commit himself to the wedding.

When a man is prepared to commit, he has fully made up his mind to invest in you. He wants to be with you day and night, to share the deepest parts of himself- especially his intimate goals and thoughts for the future. If he is serious enough, he will be available and will find myriad ways to communicate and connect with you; you become his center of attention- the person he wants to be with constantly.

If he is yours, he will openly confess his love for you in both words and actions. He will be tender and kind. He will confess how important you are to him. If he has to be away from you because of business or family obligations, he will let you know in advance and give you a schedule of how you can reach him in the case of emergency.

He will be open to introducing you to his family. If he has children from a previous relationship, he will not hesitate to introduce you to them. He will always be proud of you and will not be ashamed to bring you into his sphere. He will delight in sharing things he enjoys with you for instance vacations. In fact, he will like you to know not only his strengths but also his weaknesses.

On the other hand, if he is not ready to commit, he will tell you so, not necessarily in words but in signs. Here are the 12 visible signs that your man will never commit.


12 Visible Signs Your Man Will Never Commit to You.


  1. He does not open up to you.


If a man doesn’t share with you who he is, his likes and dislikes as well as his successes and hurts, then he might not just be ready to commit to you. By being careful enough to block you out of his life, he is merely telling you that you do not matter to him. You talk to him for hours daily, but you do not know anything real about him. If he does not share his true self with you, chances are, he does not see a future together with you.


  1. He openly tells you that he is not ready for a Relationship.


This point looks obvious, but unluckily, it isn’t. When a guy says that he doesn’t want a relationship, what he means is that he does not want a relationship with you. Just take it at face value and save yourself from the pain and time wastage.

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