4 Tips to Supercharge Your Motivation.

One secret of success that is often overlooked by many is motivation. People get the most out of their hidden potential when they decide to focus and improve their motivation. Here are 4 Quick Tips to help you unleash your motivation to its fullest.


Use Vivid Imagery to Stimulate Your Subconscious.


Humans are genetically wired to remember and respond to what they can see. If you just say your dream is to get rich, it just stays in your logical brain. But if you visually imagine what you want with specific images, it transforms your motivation to something entirely more evoking and impactful.

If for example, your specific goal is to become a world traveler, you can say you want to tour the world and maybe even write it down. You can as well picture the turquoise blue sky, the sand beneath your toes, the hot sun, the wind in your hair and the rising and falling tides.

Which among the two goals will work efficiently in motivating you? I recommend building on the second goal further by inserting images everywhere in your life to keep reminding you. You can save pictures of your goals on your laptop, desktop or phone as screensavers.


Describe Your Goals in Detail.


Vague goals lead to imprecise measurements and no direction. You cannot start moving towards your goals if you do not have them fully described. Having a definite goal makes it easier to begin identifying methods of moving towards that goal instead of just sitting there decision-less. A specific goal also inspires the visual imagery section of your brain rather than blocking your imagination. This practice helps to unearth your hidden motivation and to keep you on the course.

Ask Yourself Why Numerously.


You need to discover the reason behind all your decisions and actions. You might superficially think that you already understand everything, but in reality, there is a deeper reason behind what you are doing. By digging deeper, you might uncover a stronger purpose that will keep you motivated.

For example, most people just say. “I want to be wealthy.” When you ask yourself why you want to be rich, you might discover that you want to tour exotic destinations and improve your relationship life. By asking many ‘Why’s” you will correctly learn what you need to do to achieve what you want. This practice will save you not only tons of money but also your precious time.

Stay Plugged.


If you get your motivation from reading books, keep reading the books. If your motivation comes from reaching out and helping others, then stay plugged into philanthropy. The most powerful way to keep your motivation supercharged is identifying your source of motivation and staying connected to that source as long as you breathe.

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