5 Mind Shifts That Will Keep You Motivated And Hopeful

mindshiftAre you looking for a way to keep your motivation gear high? In the course of pursuing your dreams, there are times when you are definitely going to lose motivation. Things may not come together as swift as you would prefer. Your projects might stagnate. You might be working crazy hard, yet you do not know if what you are doing is laying a durable foundation for your success or burrowing a hole for your destruction.
Here are 5 mind shifts that will help you move forward and regain the motivation you had when you began.

Remember Why You Started.

Every big dream has a reason behind. You started working on your dream because it serves a bigger purpose in your life. Was your dream destined to allow you a sense of freedom, help people live healthier/ achieve their dreams or enable you to travel more? A lot is thrown at us as we pursue our dreams: logistical setbacks, personal/ business opportunities, analysis paralysis among many other issues. Whenever you are overwhelmed by all these things, it is vital to sit back and remind yourself of why you began in the first place.
Thereafter, ask yourself, “Is what I am striving to attain going to help me to achieve the purpose why I began?” In most cases, the answer will be a resounding yes. That yes can be the only thing you need to regain your motivation. Remember, all your dreams can only come true if you have the courage to pursue them.

Focus on the Positive.

How frequent do you meet a people who can only tell you what they dislike instead of what they like? You may know you do not want A, B or C but instead of dwelling entirely on what you do not want, take time to characterize things in terms of what you want. Concentrating on what you do not want has a way of making those exact things happen in your own life. It is therefore important to shift your mindset into a more positive mindset. Knowing what you actually want instead of what you do not also helps to create a clearer vision and to avoid wasting time on things that won’t take you closer to your dreams. Remember, the greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.

Let Your Core Values Guide You.

Often times, people give up on something because they realize that what they were after wasn’t their dream. It is therefore vital to be driven by your core values in order to accurately get in touch with your needs, which aren’t necessarily similar to your wants. Pay attention to what you value most in your life. Is it peace, satisfaction, contentment or fulfillment? Your needs are a reflection of your core values. Therefore, taking time to understand the relationship between your values and your greater purpose will ensure that the dream you pursue is the right one for you.

Step Back to Self-Evaluate Yourself.

The thought that you need to work insanely for many hours daily is a recipe for discouragement, apathy and burnout. Besides learning to step back and evaluate the big picture, you must also learn to use this skill to realize when it is proper to ease of the gas or to go full speed. Your dream won’t be of any value if you are exhausted, sick or depressed. Sit back, relax and evaluate your progress. This will definitely restore your motivation.

Be Open Minded.


Flexibility and open mindedness is a MUST on the road to living and building your big dream. You must be open-minded in order to accept corrections and the necessary redirection on your way to attaining your big dream. Take criticism positively and use it to your own advantage. Understand that life has both low and high moments. The fact that you feel less motivated now doesn’t necessarily mean that your dream is invalid. Emotions change. Do not sacrifice your dream for the mere dynamic feelings.


Final Purport.
Staying motivated for a long haul of time takes patience, perseverance, a deep understanding of why you began following your dream and faith. Your ability to remain motivated even in the face of discouragement and resistance is crucial for you to make your dream a reality.

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