6 Discouraging Thoughts That Keep Middle-Class People from Pursuing Their Dreams.

discouraging-thoughtdIt is a reality that some people are afraid to pursue their dreams in their midlife stage of life. Even though 80 percent of individuals over 40 years have thought of career transition, only 7 percent have managed to implement their thoughts.

I have interviewed a great number of mid-class chaps, and it surprises the type of excuses they give as to why they are stuck on their less fulfilling jobs. I have no doubt that the term “Midlife crisis” was coined for these individuals. The term describes people who feel stuck in their midlife, afraid of taking the necessary steps to do what they ought to do.

Here are the six irrational thoughts that drag most of the midlife people behind whenever they think of pursuing their dreams.

1. Inadequate Know-how.


Most of those stuck in their midlife think that pursuing their dreams requires a lot of knowledge. This thought drags them back to mediocrity over and over. Are you dragged behind by the same thought? Simply believe that you know enough to get started.

After that, go ahead, take a step of faith and give it a try. In life, known is a drop. Unknown is an ocean. There is always going to be the “I could learn more or find out more” at any given moment. If you wait until you feel that you have learned everything, you’ll never enter the exam room.


2.The Thought That It Is Too Late To Start.


Most of those in the midlife crisis somehow believe that they do not have enough time to get started on what they dream of doing. One of the foundational belief of mediocre people is that “It’s going to take too long.” In their mind, it’s frightening to think of starting over on something new.

The only way to break loose from this mentality is to believe that you do not need to start over. Instead, use the experience you have garnered over the years to steer yourself straight towards your dreams. With the current technological advancements and easy accessibility to the world through the web, the chances of surpassing your current situations to achieve your dreams are much higher.

3. The Thought That the Risk of Starting Over Is Too Big.


Most people stuck with decision making in their midlife believe that the risk of pursuing their dreams is much greater than when someone else is in charge of their welfare. Sincerely speaking, it is risky to work for someone who decides whether or not to provide clothing or food to you. It is less risky when the one who decides where, when, how and what to do is you. Jean-Paul Sartre once said, “To know what life is worth, you have to risk it once in a while.”

4.The Thought That Others Will Ridicule and Laugh.


Having earned reputable status through their long career, people stuck with decision making in their midlife tend to feel proud and already accomplished. Letting go of their ego is not an easy task. Most of them see this as the only accomplishment to show for their many years of dedication and hard work. In some circumstances, this makes sense because some people would never discover who they are without their job. Abandoning their position would mean that they no longer receive the recognition they used to enjoy. To avoid such a huge loss, they resolve to stick to their miserable job. This mentality only leads to constant stress and discontentment in life.

5.No Enough Money.


Some stuck with decision making in their midlife believe that they do not have enough cash to pursue their dreams. The truth is if you have an excellent idea and believe and trust that you have what it takes to bring it to accomplishment, money won’t be an issue at all.

6.It Was Never Meant To Be.


This term has been used over and over by lazy people to console themselves in their quagmire of mediocrity. What’s not supposed to be? Is it not meant to be that you should live your dreams and fulfill your full potential? To me, living a miserable life is what is not intended to be. You are not meant to live your life where you hate doing what you dislike. Why not believe it was made to be?


Final Takeaway.


It is possible to create and live the ideal life you dream and hope. Only believe it is possible and take a step of faith to get started. What if you began today?

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