6 Strategies to Thrive in a Career You Don’t Love

They say that if you love what you do for a living, you will always be successful. However, I think this isn’t the case. I believe few people truly love their jobs. There are moments when you will wake up and wonder is you really need to turn up for that work. In most cases, the feeling of not loving our jobs enough has more to do with the way we run our personal lives instead of the actual job itself. Here are the 6 incredible tips that will help to renew your work life, giving you a dose of fresh perspective and rejuvenation.


Remind Yourself Why You Took up the Job.


Remembering why you took up that job in the first place can be a great source of motivation. Are you working to pay for your children’s school fees? Are you saving to purchase your first home? Or are you working to help that family member who is currently having some financial difficulties? If you ever catch yourself hopeless and disillusioned at work, remind yourself what took you there. The money you make is for your dreams and hopes.


Interact With Nature.


Those who work in offices, warehouses, hospitals and the likes often forget what nature entails. They are often so focused on their work that they never get an opportunity to just be. Poor ventilation and lack of natural light can negatively impact our health. Reach for appropriate footwear and head for the forest, the river or the hills.

Whether you love the forest or the beach, reconnecting with nature gives you a rare opportunity to unwind and relax. Indeed, scientist have already suggested that interacting with nature reduces pain, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. Additionally, spending time outdoors has great benefit to those with anxiety or depression. It also enhances mood, reduces tension, anger, confusion and boosts self-esteem.


Exercise Regularly.


Your body needs regular maintenance, just like a car to help it function to the best of its ability. The workplace creates an environment full of anxiety and stress but keeping in good shape can physically and psychologically eliminate these issues.

You do not require a gym membership to get into the groove. Just take yourself or your dog for a walk or join a team sport with a group of friends. Exercise will not only keep your body healthy but your mind too. Actually, a bunch of studies have sufficiently revealed that only 20 minutes of exercise can boost your mood for approximately 12 hours. Furthermore, science suggests that people who are active are more satisfied and happier with their lives.


Eat Healthy.


Having the right diet to run alongside with your lifestyle goes hand in hand with regular exercise. If you are feeling exhausted and lethargic, chances are your diet is not well balanced. What we eat and how much water we drink has a direct impact on our concentration and mood. Implementing healthy food choices is all you need to deal with work-related stress and colleagues in a mindful manner.


Strike a Balance Between Work and Life.


Even if your love job, the minute home-time arrives, cast it from your mind. Finding the right work-life balance is key to getting along with that tiring job. It is important that you are not entirely defined by your occupation.


Workaholics have a tendency to neglect certain vital aspects of their lives for instance family. Does your partner eat dinner alone? Your schedule not only affects you but also those around you. We work so that we can afford to do the things we enjoy.


Socialize With Colleagues.


Naturally, humans are social creatures. Isolation can be gut-wrenching and stressful. Colleagues can sometimes be a source of stress, but socializing with them can also brighten your moments at work. Take time to ask a colleague about his or her weekend plans, or chat over a mug of coffee to ebb away stress and anxiety.

Sign up for a charity marathon or hold a quiz night together. If work is getting you down, getting to know your colleagues and striking new friendships will definitely give you that desired comfort and peace at work.

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