7 Businesses to Start As You Prepare To Quit That 9 am to 5 Pm Job.

online-workDo you want to discover some of the businesses to begin as you prepare to present your resignation letter to your sucking boss? This is the appropriate article for you. Being your own boss is far much rewarding and meaningful than a good pay or any type of benefits.

However, the path of entrepreneurship carries more risks compared to your daytime job. Therefore, before deciding to give it a try, be prepared to invest a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

The good news is, once you are finally harvesting the benefits of running your own business and hustling your way to more money, all the tears, sweat and energy you invested will be worth the rewards.

Here are 7 businesses you can start developing from 5 PM as you prepare to fully enter into the amazing world of self-employment and financial security.


Package Your Skills And Sell Them.


The easiest way to begin the self-employment journey is by packaging your knowledge and skills into an eBook for people to buy and learn. If you are talented on any given topic for instance health and fitness, food, football, music or Internet marketing; there are people willing to pay to learn what you know. You might also break down your expertise into an online course and charge a subscription fee. Once you create the digital content, you will sell it over and over without manufacturing costs or inventory threshold. If you aren’t an expert at this, do not worry. We’ve got you covered. Websites like www.udemy.com will help you to easily set up digital content targeted for your audience online. What’s more? Selling your expertise might be an intelligent start to a consultancy business down the journey.


Sell Food.


If you love cooking and you have access to a kitchen, you can easily fill the existing gap by cooking and supplying a delicacy that people love and need. Try out shelf-stable foods for instance cookies, jerky and candy. Opportunities are endless. Just find a recipe or a food you are passionate about and run with it.


Start A Blog.


Blogging remains a fabulous method of creating extra income online. You can plunge into the world of blogging by choosing your specific topic from the many niches available for instance parenting, cooking, health and fitness, lifestyle and more. Watch your revenue grow through affiliate marketing, sponsorship, advertisement revenues and many other online finance avenues. What’s more? As your writing skills grow together with expertise in content marketing, you can begin to market yourself to businesses that are in need of skilled article writers.


Learn to Develop Applications.


App development is one of the newest and most vigorously growing business. Even though learning to code might take some considerable duration of time, you can comfortably set your own working hours once you start developing. Moreover, coding is a fantastic way to build a bigger business when the time is appropriate.


Learn Some Graphic Design.


Even though some background knowledge on graphic design is needed before venturing into this pool of business, you can still self-teach yourself how to design using websites like www.canva.com and www.visme.com. All that is required is determination, passion for design and of course some creativity.


Give Pet Services.


Working with pets presents many different opportunities. You can begin a pet grooming business in the evening after your daytime job and on weekends. You can also offer one-off-basis pet-sitting. What’s more? You get to enjoy some companionship if you love animals like me. Also, this business requires minimal startup costs to launch.


Manage Social Media Accounts.


There is high probability that you are guilty of wasting too much time on social media. No offense. But how about converting your expertise in social media management into a viable source of some cold, hard cash. Sounds interesting? Many companies especially startups want to build a strong online presence. To make that happen, they need social media managers. The most interesting part is that you can use social media management platforms like www.hootsuite.com to schedule updates and manage multiple social media accounts for free.


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