7 Challenging but Essential Things You Should be doing to Realize Success

You should be aware by now that what separates successful people from the not-so-successful is largely attitude and action. The first thing successful people understand is that comfort and success do not really fit in the same sentence. Unfortunately, this is where most unsuccessful people fail. To live big, you need to get uncomfortable. The big paradox is that most people run away from anything that makes them less comfortable.

If you make a conscious decision today to start expanding your context and concept by doing things that are uncomfortable, you will see your reality change and begin experiencing success on an entirely new level than you ever have.

Here are the 7 challenging but vital things you should be doing if you want to experience success.


Ignore Your Fears.

Fear will always be part and parcel of our lives. It doesn’t disappear with growth or time; it will always be present. The only thing you can improve on is how you manage your fear. Most unsuccessful people allow fear to stop them all the time. That is why they hesitate to take action even when they know it is the right thing to do.

You should understand that fear is normal. Yet, you need to get used to being uncomfortable and charging ahead despite the presence of fear. More often than not, fear is just false evidence appearing real. Why let it control you?

Get Rid of Toxic People From Your Life.

You might not have made a conscious choice of who to allow in your life when you were young, but you do have the right to choose now. The people you let in your life should be encouraging and supportive. They should never make you feel inferior.

Remember, you are the average of the five people you interact with regularly. Once to let go of toxic people, positive ones will come to your life.


Sacrifice is Key.

Sacrificing your pleasure through doing things like waking up earlier to get something done towards your business or investing your money into personal improvement is essential towards success. Success is all about prioritizing the results you desire over what is currently preventing you from attaining them. Sacrifice is vital to achieving anything in life. If you are not ready to give up some things to do bigger ones, you will not achieve your highest level of success.

Manage Your Time Wisely.

Most people think that the way they spend their time is not connected to the results they get in life. The truth is, the way you manage your time largely determines whether you meet your goals or not. Unless you take your time management seriously, you can always expect to get average results. To maximize your results, you must manage your time effectively. All successful people do not waste time; they value it.

Be Consistent in Action.

Successful people do not go from highs to lows in their targeted action plans. They take regular action towards their goals. If they do not like the task they are doing, they do it anyway or delegate. They understand that consistency and routines are foundational to any success.


Listen to Your Heart.

Your brain can be tricked, but your heart does not know how to lie. Your heart understands things that your mind cannot explain. Start listening to your heart more and follow what feels right if you want to see how right your intuition will always be.


Play the Gamble.

Every time someone bets or plays the lottery, they risk losing all the money they used to play. Yet, this is much easier for people to do. Why not play the gamble with what you can create for yourself in life?

If you are not willing to take risks, you will not reach far in life. The bigger the risk, the greater the reward. Just take a chance!


Final Takeaway.

To succeed at anything, the uncomfortable needs to become your new comfortable. The more uncomfortable you are, the faster your growth. Don’t just read successful stories of other people, start writing yours right here right now.

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The Erick Were grew up nurturing a passion for writing and life coaching. After graduating from university, he started writing and publishing because the government had finally given him the power to read and write. He enjoys reading, writing, traveling, swimming, riding, watching football/movies and motivating anyone who feels disillusioned in life. To discover more about The Wise Viber, read his book- The Enemy Within from https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01BTNFOIO

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