7 Ways to Raise Your Standards For Epic Success.

standardsYour success is chiefly determined by your core values and daily habits. The quickest way to realize epic success for ultimate happiness in life is to become conscious of your standards and work to redefine them.

Unfortunately, the world is flooded with aimless slobs who lack standards. Others have standards but haven’t bothered to redefine them in order to realize any form of success in life. Even these seemingly “useless slobs” can improve their odds of success as long as they become aware of their standards and decide to redefine them for the best.

It is very hard to change the standards you currently have because they have been programmed in your brain for quite a long period of time. However, until you make an individual decision to redefine your standards, your life is going to be as boring as hell. Since I redefined my standards, my life has been flooded with explainable happiness. I can afford a smile for everyone because

I can finally see/feel the meaning of my life. When you raise your standards to an appropriate level, you will finally feel that life is working and you are progressing towards the right direction. You must get to a level where people you haven’t seen for a while can hardly recognize you because of your new looks and the way you talk when they finally get to meet the new you.


Here are 7 ways to raise your standards from today henceforth for epic success.


Record down Your Current Standards.


The first way to raise your standards is becoming aware of your current standards. Think about who your colleagues and friends are, the food you eat, the time you go to bed and the number of hours you work. Once you have understood your current standards, rewrite them with a slightly higher standard. For instance, if you retire to bed at 12 pm, rewrite this and say that your new time to go to bed is 9:30 pm. These slight adjustments will finally renew and reinvent you into a whole new successful being.


Attend First to Things That Seem Uncomfortable.


Standard-less slobs are always addicted to their comfort zones. They can’t venture outside because they are scared it’s very cold, hot or risky. Allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable is a vital component to raising your standards. It may be hard to change your lifestyle. It might be harder to avoid social activities for instance drinking alcohol/indulging with friends in order to stay home and work on your dream. However, once you become comfortable with doing those seemingly-difficult things, your standards automatically attain a higher level. Instead of sitting idle watching soaps, take a book and read.


Be Independent.


The biggest barrier to raising your standards is by thinking that others should supply all your needs. Stop expecting your parents, the government, friends or lovers to help you through life. Victims expect everyone to hold their hand through life. Accept that you are where you are because of no one else but you. Know that you have the power to turn your life around by beginning to raise your standards. The keys to the kingdom are within your proximity once you start taking responsibility of your own life.


Spend Your Time Wisely.


Your success in life is determined by the way you manage your time. Assess your daily activities to realize where most of your time is spent. Write down your new standards and eliminate activities that do not meet your new standard. Sacrifice your time to think, learn and grow.


Avoid Emotionally Challenged People.

People who cannot control their emotions will always be around us. They are either always angry, constantly depressed or less caring/ insensitive to other people.

These people will drain you energy and force you to lower your standards without your knowledge. The only two ways to fix this challenge is to either minimize your exposure to them or completely get rid of them in your life. Simply put, stop associating with toxic people. They will only dilute your standards.


Redefine Your Passion.

Do all it takes to change people’s perception of you by redefining the niche of your passion. Approaching your passion from a whole new angle and redefining it will help to raise your standards by focusing your mind on what is vital and refining your skills in one area of your interest instead of wasting time beating about the bush aimlessly.


Invest in Your Health.

Lazy slobs with ugly standards tend to care less about their general health. They eat junk food, they never exercise and they never get enough sleep because they are addicted to profitless tasks at night. Consuming a balanced diet, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly enhances blood circulation in the body which boosts your energy levels. The only opportunity to raise your standards is to raise your energy levels as well.


Final Thoughts.


Success is determined by the standards you set for yourself. The higher your standards, the higher your probability of epic success in life. Instead of wasting your time on pointless activities like social media, watching or gambling; raise your standards…dream big…believe in your dreams and aim to accomplish them.


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