8 Reasons Why You Are an Intelligent, Hardworking Person But You Haven’t Found Success Yet.

intelligenceI had always believed that if intelligent people grew up in a well nurturing environment and worked hard, success would always be inevitable. I used to look at a smart person and think, “Wow, that guy is going to do great things in life.” However, as I grew old, I came to realize that this belief wasn’t always the case. Few smart people with a strong work ethic have proceeded to do great things in life. Many are just languishing in the flooded zone of “average Joes.” In fact, there are some who drifted along the way and became confused, unsure of exactly what to do in life. I then came to realize that besides intelligence, success entails a lot of other factors. Here are eight reasons why you aren’t finding success yet, even though you are smart and hardworking.

You Believe You Deserve to Be Successful Based on Your Qualifications.

Top achievers in school are occasionally praised and told how much potential they have. Initially, this sounds just fine. Nevertheless, this mentality has some adverse effects. I have heard job-searching scholars argue that they deserve something because of where they went to school or their intelligence. They expect things to bake out automatically because of their academic achievements. Sadly, this isn’t how life works. In the ideal world, results come from a combination of hard work, strategic planning, creativity, and luck; not just intelligence.

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