8 Toxic Things to Ignore In Order To Realize Your Dreams

toxicDo you want to discover the most toxic things to avoid in order to reach your dreams? Following dreams is not an easy task. You MUST be willing and ready to listen to yourself more and lock out many people who will definitely try to discourage you. Most people will be stumbling blocks on your way to realizing your dreams. The dream itself will stretch you out, prompting you to give up. However, where there is a will, there will always be a way.

Personally, I have been following my dreams for the past 3 years. Immediately after graduating from university, I decided not to look for a job. Instead, I started chasing my dreams. I started writing articles to sharpen my writing skills. Today, I have a spontaneously expanding blog, books on Amazon, passionate readers and the privilege of earning from something I love doing on a daily basis. If you are pursuing your dreams, here are 8 toxic things to steer clear of in order to realize your dreams.


The Illusion That It Is Difficult.

If dreams were easy to follow, everyone would be following theirs. Dreams take sacrifice. You have to be willing to sacrifice all other demands and aspects of your life. It requires you to visualize something that isn’t already in existence. It demands you to stay diligent to a future day that you are creating today. You will meet many roadblocks and obstacles on your way to achieving your dreams. You will be limited by time, resources, money and location. Instead of giving up because of these challenges, look for a solution. Despite being located in the heart of a desert, Israel is the leading producer of fresh agricultural produce worldwide. Borrow a leaf from Israel and curve a solution out of every challenge. Allow your creativity to develop solutions to impossible situations in your life. The more determined you are towards achieving your dreams, the more creative ideas will come to motivate you.




Be prepared to have big fears as you pursue your dreams. If you aren’t scared and terrified, you’re not fully dedicated to achieving your dreams. Your dreams should challenge you to face your doubts, fears and uncertainty. In addition, the dreams should inspire you to grow as a person and to do things that you haven’t done before. Your fear should act as a compass or a guide to help you navigate the treacherous terrain leading to the accomplishment of your dreams. Do not allow fear to derail you. Thank your fears but use them as a motivation to follow your dreams. In the Book “The Alchemist,” the author, Paulo Coelho says, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”


The Opinion of Your Friends.


All your colleagues from school or work and friends have been raised by their families and networks to follow the known path. Each will advise you to follow the predictable path of education, jobs and career advancement. They will try to influence you to buy a house, marry and have a family because they do. To realize your dreams, you must be a rule changer. You don’t have to follow the known path. Stay true to your heart and soul. Instead of sharing notes with colleagues who have relegated themselves to the society’s low table, write your own notes.

The Opinion of Your Elders.


Your grandparents, parents and even experienced mentors will ridicule you to abandon your crazy dreams and just get practical with life. They will question, prod, discourage and challenge you from following your dreams. They will pose hypotheticals, challenges and roadblocks while purporting to help you succeed. In real sense, they are not helping you to succeed. What they are simply doing is encouraging you to settle for less. They are defining you instead of giving you a chance to define yourself. Some of them might be keeping you from pursuing your dreams because they will feel left out should you succeed. Ignore what others say and listen to your dreams. Follow your heart. Remember, you lie loudest when you lie to yourself. Just remain true to yourself. Only time will prove that you were right.




As you chase your dreams, failure will be chasing after you as well. You MUST learn to extract gems of wisdom and knowledge from your failures. Listen to your failures and try to understand what they have in stake for you. Don’t give up when something doesn’t work as planned. The key to success and realization of dreams is finding out what doesn’t work in order to figure out what might eventually work. Listen to the message that failure will communicate but do not allow it to get in your way. Allow failure to fuel you to the next level of your dreams. “Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.”- Morihei Ueshiba.


Imitating Everyone Else.


Almost all people around you will be living a common kind of life. They will be going to the same schools/ colleges/ universities; living in the same neighborhood; getting the same jobs and doing the same things with their lives. To achieve your dreams, you must learn to ignore what everyone else is doing and live your own unique life. It might appear like others know what they are doing; but that’s for their path, not yours. Stop comparing yourself to others and stick on your lane.


Negative Attitude.


Your attitude defines you. A negative attitude is toxic to attainment of any type of dream. Whenever a negative mindset threatens to consume you, encourage yourself with the following six positive affirmations.

  1. A) I’m persistent and I can make it happen whatever it takes.
  2. B) I can attract all the wealth and opportunity.
  3. C) If they can do it, I can obviously and easily do it.
  4. D) Money comes to me easily and from numerous ways.
  5. E) I’m a genius and I use my wisdom daily.
  6. F) I create my own success.


Sticking In the Comfort Zone.


To stay true to your dreams, you have to choose action over leisure, sacrifice over comfort and persistence over giving up. Let go of your comfortable life. Venture into the hostile world and pursue a meaningful and fulfilling life according to the desires of your heart.

Final Verdict.


There you have it friend. Following your dreams will require you to avoid being ordinary. You must allow yourself to be extra-ordinary. Remember, sometimes “extra-ordinary” might be viewed to be abnormal. Do not be defined by opinions and views. Stay true to yourself and your dreams.


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