8 Daily Routines that Separate Lions from Sheep

98 Percent of our society comprises of sheep. These are people sensitive to everything. They complain over that which they do not prefer. They always think that life isn’t fair to them only. They blame other people for their unfortunate circumstances. Only 2 percent stands tall like lions.

The lions are the successful lot. They have accomplished something notable while others were busy keeping their lane as sheep. The lions began like cubs. While others were growing as sheep, their roar grew louder and louder. Perhaps they were sheep at one point but later transformed into lions. Here are the eight daily habits of the lions of this world.

Strict Time Management.


Sheep of this world spend countless hours watching TV or on their phones. You rarely see a lion using a TV in his house. Lions want to avoid the nagging temptation of watching TV. The only time you will see them using their phones is when they are sealing a business deal.

On the contrary, you will see sheep wasting their time on social media as lions strive to complete their tasks on time. As sheep grow weaker, lions are getting stronger and faster. A lion only picks up the phone when there is a need to do so. Lions are one-hundred percent focused on mastering their craft and growing their businesses.


Getting up Before 5 A.M.


The lion gets up before the sun rises. The majority of people get out of bed and go straight to work. Before the sheep gets up, the lion has achieved what can be done in one day by 9 in the morning. Lions carry on this ritual to the weekend. When sheep are out partying, lions are behind the scenes doing their thing.


Reading for One Hour.


Lions are making every effort to improve themselves on a daily basis. The person they were one month ago is not the person they are today. Lions read between 24 to 60 books annually to enhance their knowledge of the world. Sheep manage to read only one book per year. In fact, other breeds of sheep do not bother reading at all. A lion knows that if he wants to get ahead in life, he must acquire knowledge and apply that knowledge. He is eager to let nothing get between him and his quest for knowledge.

Finishes His Daily Tasks.


Before going to bed, a lion writes down what he must accomplish the following day. He prepares himself for the following day to hit the ground running when the alarm goes off early morning. With his/ her tasks well outlined, the lion is forced to ensure they are completed before the end of the day. He will not sleep until what was to be done is accomplished successfully. They know that the secret to success lies in their daily routine.




A lion never goes a full day without exercising. Whether that is cardio or weight lifting.  On the other hand, a sheep never feels indebted to exercise. Lions have a detailed workout program. They understand that it is not only vital to strengthen the body but also the mind. Even if he doesn’t feel like going to the gym or for a run, a lion will still force himself/ herself to go for a workout.

Healthy Dieting.


While sheep eat everything in sight, lions pay attention to what gets inside their stomach. A lion plans out his meals according to a schedule. He focuses on eating natural foods that will keep him healthy and give him energy throughout the day. A sheep never pays attention about what gets into his stomach.


Focused and Purposeful.


A lion dares to follow his/ her dreams. Rather than helping someone else to create their dreams, a lion chooses to spend his entire life following his dream. With each passing day, a lion gets better and closer to his/ her dream.  Sheep keep their passion hidden within themselves. They tremble in fear when others think different of them. Their weakness is trying to please everyone.


Challenge Themselves.


Lions have a single task that scares them every day. They are willing to get out of their comfort zone to grow. While a sheep prefers to remain within the comfort zone, the lion is prepared to get out and meet failure face to face in order to learn. Lions are daring to conquer new lands and hold the throne to new kingdoms. That’s what makes them who they are.

Final Purport.

Are you a lion or a sheep? It is never too late to transform yourself for the better. If others have done it, you too can.

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