Does The Smell of Female Tears Make Male’s Testosterone Levels To Fall And Their Sexual Arousal To Decrease?

femaleDo you want to discover if the scent of a women’s tears lowers both the testosterone levels and sexual desire in men? This article will give you an in-depth analysis of this fantastic query. The report will disclose to you what researchers have discovered and the implications of their discovery to the future interactions between human male and female species.


To find an answer to this intriguing question, a researcher- Shani Gelstein begins by harvesting tears from a woman. The volunteer is watching the end of the boxing movie “The Champ.” As she wails, Gelstein holds a vial under her teary eyes in a bid to harvest the new drops. This act might seem a huge joke, but Gelstein has used the tears collected to understand why people cry during emotional times. Gelstein believes there is a chemical present in emotional tears that evoke sexual and hormonal reactions in humans.


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