The Magic of Writing Down Your New Year Resolutions

Everyone’s desire is to accomplish their goals and be great. However, not everyone is entirely willing to commit to the strict process of becoming great. The majority of people give up after one attempt of failure. They settle for being average instead of working and striving to be great.

With the New Year just around the corner, most people (including me) are thinking about setting New Year-resolutions and goals they want to accomplish in 2017. Since not many know how to set goals and how to achieve them, I will disclose to you a goal-setting process I go through at the end of every year.

For me, nothing has substantially changed my life more than learning how to set my New Year resolutions and striving towards attaining them. The most vital thing to note here is the difference between goal-setting and goal achievement. As much as both the two terms are critical, setting goals alone isn’t adequate. If you just note your goals on paper, then keep the paper away without making any necessary plans of action, you are just wasting your precious time and energy. To achieve your goals, you’ve got to take great action.

My process of writing down New Year Resolutions has significantly helped me to achieve almost any major goal I have dedicated myself to accomplish. Here is my secret magic of writing down successful New Year Resolutions.

The Secret.


STEP 1: Time Yourself.


To begin with, set a timer on your phone or a stopwatch for three minutes. This action will force you to write down your goals as fast as possible without thinking about the potential challenges likely to hinder you during the pursuit of your goals. When we reflect on the goals we want to achieve; our minds immediately start to consider reasons why we cannot reach the goals. Some of the most common roadblocks that will inevitably flood your thoughts include financial constraints and lack of expertise. If you set your timer for three minutes, that short period will force you to focus entirely on writing down what is really in your heart instead of wasting time on the threats and challenges down the road.



STEP 2: Put Down All Your Goals and Identify the Major One.


Next, write down seven to ten goals that you want to accomplish before the end of next year. Balance your list appropriately with family, health, financial, fitness, and business goals, to name just a few. After that, identify one goal that has the power to completely transform the entire course of your life to serve as a reference point for the rest of the goals on your list.


STEP 3: Break Down Your Action Plan.


After identifying your ‘game-changer’ goal, the following section is what separates the excellent from everyone else. Write down approximately 25 to 50 things you need to implement to accomplish that major goal. Most people have never even thought of what to do in order to achieve their goals. By thinking about the 25 to 50 things to do to achieve your major goal, you will be putting yourself in the small percentage of top performers, hence increasing your odds of success significantly.


STEP 4: Transfer Your Action Plan.


Upon completion of breaking down your primary goal into definite implementation-steps, start moving one or two tasks onto your daily to-do list. Once everything is set up as elaborated above, your main job is to take massive action and being persistent each day until you accomplish that which you desire.


Wrapping it up…

Goal setting has completely changed my life by helping me to accomplish most of my goals. I believe your life will change as well if you fully embrace all the tips I have shared with you in this article.

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